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Useful Sites

AR BookFinder

World Book Online

Infotrac          Ebsco


The Internet Public Library

Search Engines & Searching Tips

Yahooligans is a great site for students.

Ask Jeeves for Kids is another great site for students.

Yahoo is the adult version of Yahooligans.

Alta Vista is a top search engine.


Dogpile is a comprehensive search engine.

This site will search All the Sites.

Google is a major search engine - This might help you search where common search engines don't usually help.






Howard Hugh's Medical Center - biointeractive and virtual labs

All biomes and information

Interactive Guide to electric circuits


Views of the Solar System can be accessed from this site.

Astronomy for kids is found at the Dustbunny website.

Virtual field trips take kids to places they could only wish to visit.

This site takes you to the Amazon rainforest.

Take a look at all the systems of your body.

Discovery School offers a variety of science related topics.

The Smithsonian site Ocean Planet is awesome.

KinderGarden - This K-12 site provides a wealth of ideas for gardening with kids.

Science Museum of Minnesota online activities is the greatest site to use with kids when learning about why things are the way they are.

Hubble Project

Amazing Space


HowStuffWorks: the Hubble Space Telescope


Hubble Space Telescope History


NASA: The History of the Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Story


Illumin - A science rewiew

Hubble Space Telescope




Social Studies

Owl and Mouse - manipulative maps to use on the SmartBoard

South Dakota Westward Expansion Lesson

Washington Courts Lesson Plans


Patriot Day - How might people observe September 11?


Sarah Childress Polk - As First Lady, how was she able to help the president?


Create your own Lewis and Clark Adventure

Fifty States of the US

State Maps

Hernando de Soto knew Florida well.

Take a journey as a slave escaping to freedom.

Travel through the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

American history from the colonial period through the present day.

This is a comprehensive resource center about the 50 American states.

Find documents related to the legislative process

National Geographic Online


Castles for Kids


Ethan Allen

John Smith


Teacher's First is a collection of math lesson plans and problems.

Another Teacher's First page that is a collection of sources for games, puzzles and contests.

Find out your weight on other planets at Exploratorium.

This site was developed by Scott Foresman as a companion to our math series.

US Mint -  counting money


Notation Station is a great music site providing music notation.

Listen to radio stations around the world.

PE Teach-nology PE 

Adaptive PE for Teach-nology


American Alliance for Health, PE, Recreation, Dance

PE Links4U

PE 4 Life

Physical Education Lesson Plan Page




Find what you are looking for at this electronic Encyclopedia.

You can find great things at Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia.

Compton's Encyclopedia is another good reference site.

Webster Dictionary will help you spell the words.

Roget's Internet Thesaurus is a handy tool too.

News and Current




Microsoft Network

Scholastic News Online

Time for Kids




Homework Help


Links to experts

Schoolwork Ugh!




Art Mystery

The Children's Literature Web Guide

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Candlelight Stories


TechTv is a useful site.

PC Mechanic

Lewis and Clark

Discoverers and Explorers  

PBS Online: Lewis and Clark  

GORP: Lewis and Clark Trail 

Discovering Lewis and Clark

 Southwest Native Americans 



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