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Welcome students and parents to a new school year!  H.C. Davis and Anna Jeffries staffs are working in teams to set goals to make our schools better.  This year we want to include as many parents as possible in our planning teams.  There are seven area we will be looking at described in the school handbook.  Within the first month of school you may receive a phone call asking if you are interested in being part of our school improvement efforts.  If you are interested right now, please give me a call at either school. We are very serious about making sure our schools are the best they can be and need concerned parents to help us get there.


From the great response on parent surveys last spring and from our Correlate Teams last year, Kindergarten through twelfth grade will focus on teaching our students the value of respect, empathy, conscience, kindness, tolerance, fairness, and self-control. Beginning in September with respect, each school will discuss, do activities, show others, and share ideas on what respect is, why it's important, and how it looks in our schools.  We want to emphasize these qualities to help our students and staff create the most positive learning atmosphere possible. 


Again, we are looking forward to a very successful school year.  Your child is very important to us and to the future of our community and country.  If there is anything our staff can to better meet your child's needs please don't hesitate to talk with the classroom teacher or me.  I can be reached at either school through the secretaries and would be happy to meet and talk with you at your convenience.  Thank you for entrusting your children to us.  There is no question our professional educators are some of the best.



Venus Dodson, Principal



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