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School Improvement Process

(Good Schools Getting Better)

As part of state and federal laws, each district in Montana will develop a comprehensive five-year school improvement plan by May 2003.  The five-year plan will spell out what the district and itís schools will do to continually improve in all areas of each school to increase student achievement or student doing better in school and on tests.  Each goal has an action plan and evaluation to ensure progress is being made in reaching the goal. 

Two years ago H. C. Davis and Anna Jeffries Elementary Schools chose the Effective Schools Process to create our elementary five-year plan.  Effective Schools began over thirty years ago, based on sound research proving that any child can succeed regardless of their socioeconomic background, race, gender, or the education of their parents.  Every child that attends our schools can learn and can succeed.

Through the effective school model there are seven areas or Correlates that must be considered for an effective and well-planned School Improvement Plan.  The Seven Correlates of Effective Schools are:

1.       Safe, Caring and Orderly Environment

bulletThere is an orderly, caring, business like school environment that is comfortable for all students and is helpful to teaching and learning.

2.       A Climate of High Expectations for All


  All staff will work with students to develop and maintain positive behavior and to master the curriculum for each grade level.  Staff believe that all students can succeed.


3.       Instructional Leadership


The principal and all staff work together to communicate Learning for All to students, parents, and the community through effective instructional practices and challenging curriculum.


4.       Clear and Focused Mission


  The primary mission of the schools is Learning for All.  The mission is clearly communicated and understood by students, staff, parents, and community members. 


5.       Opportunity to Learn and Time on Task


    Each classroom, student, and staff member keeps the focus of each day on learning and effective teaching strategies.  The overall goal is to effectively teach every child.


6.       Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress


  Studentís academic progress is measured frequently in a variety of ways.  The results are used to improve each studentís performance and the program as a whole.


7.       Positive Home, School, Community Relations


Parents understand and support the schoolís basic mission of Learning for All, and play an active role in decision-making and helping the school reach the mission.

Every staff member belongs on a Correlate Team.  Each team has a team leader and a representative to the School Improvement Team.  The teams each set goals, work to reach those goals, monitor progress, set new goals, and report to the School Improvement Team.  The School Improvement Team guides and directs, approves action, and makes decisions to keep staff focused on Learning for All. 


The key to a successful School Improvement Plan is parent and community involvement.  Beginning this year, each correlate team will look for 1-3 members from parents and the community to be involved in our school improvement process. If you are interested in working to make our school better please contact Venus Dodson, principal, at either HC Davis 983-5513 or Anna Jeffries 873-2411.



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