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How do you scan text?

Where do you find reference that are applicable to the SMART Board and curriculum?

File Management tips?

How do you make a background object in the notebook?

Make the object Click on Draw --> Click on Order and select Make background

How to make dollars and coins so they can be moved individually?

How can I record a division problem to reshow steps?

Use notebook to write down the problem you want to record.  Before you begin solving the problem, click recorder on you SMART Board menu.  This will bring up the button panel of the recorder.  Push the record button.  Complete the problem.  When you are done stop the recorder.  It will save your recording using today's date.  If you want to rename it, do that now.  Many suggest that it be saved on the desktop for easy retrieval.  Minimize notebook and double click on the recording.  I should automatically open in Windows Media Player or Real Player.  If it doesn't chose one of those programs and open the file that way.  

Where can I find good maps?

SmartBoard Lesson

How do you change the pen colors?

Enter the SMART Board Control Panel.  Click on Pen Tray.  Change your color.  Change the User Profiles to Default Profile. 
You can change the width of the pen when you want to have a wider or smaller writing surface or eraser.
Change the background colors -

How do you drop and drag from another program into notebook?

Windows allows you do drag a document or picture (that is not open, but saved) from one location into SMART Board notebook. Open notebook first and then minimize it.  Click, hold, and drag the picture (or document) on top of notebook minimized in the bottom tool bar.  When notebook opens move the mouse up into notebook, NOW let go of the mouse button.  It might take a minute but it should drop it right into notebook.  REMEMBER:  You must hold the right mouse button down during this whole operation.

How do you scan into notebook with less steps?

Use the Notebook Capture.  Click on File-->Print --> change the print command to SMART Board Capture. Now go to notebook and it will "magically" appear.


How do you capture and share information with SMART Notebook?

Notebook capture
This SMART Notebook file contains basic diagrams that can be used in developing lessons that encourage classroom participation.

How do you set the default font in notebook?

Can you cut off part of a scan that you have already saved?

How do you zoom in on a scan?

How do you darken a scan?

How do you group text with equation editor?

How do you make a button to move to the internet?

Take a look at brainpop into a presentation.

How do you bring an excel spreadsheet into Word and manipulated?

What is your show and tell?

How do you install fonts from Quickmind?

Staff and substitute training  for SMART Board?



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