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The 2000 Havre Invitational was cancelled due to weather and rescheduled for Tuesday, April 17th. The format was changed to duals. Results follow:

Boys: Havre 3-0, Cut Bank 1-1, Lewistown 1-2, Conrad 0-2

Girls: Conrad 3-0, Cut Bank 3-0, Havre Blue 2-1, Havre White 1-2-1, Chinook 1-3, Big Sandy 0-2-1, Lewistown 0-2.


Boys - Havre Vs. Conrad

Boys - Cut Bank Vs. Fergus

Boys - Havre Vs. Fergus

Boys - Cut Bank Vs. Havre

Boys - Fergus Vs. Conrad

Boys - Exhibition

Girls - Havre Blue Vs. Fergus

Girls - Cut Bank Vs. Havre

Girls - Havre Blue Vs. Conrad

Girls - Cut Bank Vs. Big Sandy

Girls - Havre Blue Vs. Chinook

Girls - Cut Bank Vs. Chinook

Girls - Chinook Vs. Big Sandy

Girls - Havre Blue Vs. Lewistown

Girls - Havre White Vs. Big Sandy

Girls - Havre White Vs. Conrad

Girls - Havre White Vs. Chinook

Girls - Conrad Vs. Fergus

Click on the dual match up above to view the results of that dual.


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Coach Jim Gregg elemjg@cutbankschools.net, 3/4/04