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Cut Bank Vs. Conrad

Fergus (Lewistown) Vs. Havre

Cut Bank Vs. Fergus

Havre Vs. Conrad

Conrad Vs. Fergus

Cut Bank Vs. Havre

The Cut Bank Invitational Tennis Duals were played on March 31, 2001 on four outdoor and two indoor courts. The Havre teams went undefeated at 3-0 on the day. The Cut Bank boys finished with a 2-1 record, Fergus boys 1-2 and Conrad boys were 0-3. The Conrad girls finised 2-1, Cut Bank girls 1-2 and the Fergus girls were 0-3. Keithan Gregg and Matt Lewis led the boys team finishing matches undefeated as Mona Paulson led the girls as the only undefeated player.

Team results were:

Cut Bank vs. Conrad.CB Boys 6 - Conrad Boys 1. Conrad Girls 6 - CB Girls 1

Fergus vs. Havre.Havre Boys 5 - Fergus Boys 2.Havre Girls 7 - Fergus Girls 0

Cut Bank vs. Fergus.CB Boys 6 - Fergus Boys 1.Cut Bank Girls 7 - Fergus Girls 0

Havre vs. Conrad.Havre Boys 7 - Conrad Boys 0.Conrad Girls 3 - Havre Girls 4

Fergus vs. Conrad.Conrad Boys 2 - Fergus Boys 5.Conrad Girls 7 - Fergus Girls 0

Cut Bank vs. Havre.Havre Boys 5 - CB Boys 2.Havre Girls 7 - CB Girls 0

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