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Jr. Varsity Results @ Conrad 5/2/02

Boys Singles:

Matt Flaherty lost to Levi Woods 2-8; Camron Sullivan lost to Jacob Pearson 5-8; Flaherty lost to Pearson 1-8; Sullivan lost to Jason Fetters 1-8; Thomas Roncco lost to David Ahmed 1-8; Roncco defeated Pearson 8-1

Boys Doubles:

Dan Woldtvedt/Tyler Freeman lost to Donath/Hanley 2-8; Woldtvedt/Freeman defeated Fetters/Woods 8-6

Girls Singles:

Fallon Fauque defeated Melanie Barringer 8-4; Fauque lost to Chrissy Brownell 2-8; Michelle Taylor lost to C. Bruce 0-8; Taylor lost to M. Stubbs, 1-8; Taylor lost to Mikal Martin 2-8

Girls Doubles:

Tasha Smith/Lacey Jochems defeated Stubbs/Martin 8-4; Smith/Jochems defeated Stubbs/Barringer 8-4; Naomi Light/Trisha Bauer lost to rauscher/Kalbas 7-8(1); Light/Bauer lost to Bruce/Brownell 6-8

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Coach Jim Gregg elemjg@cutbankschools.net, 4/22/02