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The Havre Invitational Tennis Tournament was played on April 14, 2007. The Invitational was set up as a double elimination tournament bracket for six different catagories. The six brackets were for: Girls' Doubles, Boys' Doubles, Girls' Singles for #1 and #2 seeds, Girls' Singles for the #3 seeds, Boys' Singles for #1 and #2 seeds, and Boys' Singles for #3 seeds. 6-Game and 8-game proset matches were played. Due to the number of entries and time restraints, the tournament manager was once again unable to complete the draws in most of the brackets. Click on the links below to view results of the brackets below.

Boys' Doubles

Boys' Singles #1's and #2's

Boys' Singles #3's

Girls' Doubles

Girls' Singles #1's and #2's

Girls' Singles #3's

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