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CBHS TEAM Individual Results 2010    
Con Hav DV ST  
Havre Fergus Con Inv CMR GFH Havre Con CB"A" CMR JV Dual Con JV Dual St. I BF Con GF Invite Havre Con JV Dual Div State W-L Career Rec    
Jace Kimmet 2-1s 0-1s 0-1s 3-0d C 3-2s   0-1s 1-2s 1-0s C 1-0d C 2-0d 3-0d 16-8 69-35 2nd-s 1sd-d 1st-d 1st-d
Nate Kavanagh 3-0d 1-0d 0-1d 3-0d a 2-3d 1-0d 2-1d 0-1d a 1-0d a 2-0d 3-0d 18-6 48-30 1st-d 1st-d 1st-d 1st-d  
Jordan Hoof 0-1 1-0s 3-0d 1-0d 0-1d n 2-3d 1-0d 2-1d n 0-1s n 2-1s 2-2s 14-10 29-29 1st-d 4th-d 2nd-s  
Chaz Cooper 1-0s 1-0d 3-1d 0-1d 1-0d 3-2d c 5-0d 1-0d 2-1d 0-1d c 1-0d c 0-2d 4-2d 22-10 36-26 2nd-d 4th-d 4th-d 5th-d
Dylan Johnston 0-1s 1-0d 3-1d 0-1d 1-0d 3-2d e 5-0d 1-0d 2-1d 1-0s e 1-0d e 0-2d 4-2d 22-10 40-25 2nd-d 4th-d 5th-d
Brandon Greco 0-1s 1-0s 3-1s 1-0s 0-1s 0-2s l 3-2s 0-1s 1-2s l 1-0s l 0-2s 0-2s 10-14 18-24 3rd-s3
Jeremy Moss 0-1d 1-0s 2-1s 0-1s 0-1s 0-2s l 1-3s1-0d 0-1s 0-3s l 0-1s l 2-2s 0-2s 7-18 10-25 2nd-s3 4th-s
Nathan Voeller 0-1d 1-0s 1-2s 0-1s 0-1s e 0-4s1-0s 0-1s 1-2s e 0-1s e 3-1s 2-2s 9-16 11-22 3rd-s
Shane Beuerman 0-1d 0-1d 0-1d 1-0d 1-2s d 0-1d 2-0s1-0d 2-0d d d 2-6/5-0 2-10
Cody Wandler 0-2d 0-1d 1-0d 1-2s 0-1s0-1d 1-3/1-4 1-8
Jon Broadhead 0-1s 0-1d 0-1d 0-1s0-1d 2-0d 0-2/2-3 0-2
Brett Crandall 0-1d 1-0s 0-1d 1-1d 1-1d 1-0d 1-2/3-2 1-2
AJ Sheble 0-2d 1-0d 1-0d 0-1d0-1s 1-2d 1-1d 1-0d 3-4/2-3 3-4
Jacob D'Isidoro 1-0d 1-0d 1-0d 1-0d 0-2d 1-0d 2-0d 1-1d 5-2/3-1 5-2
Ty Fassett 0-1d 2-0s1-0d 0-2d 0-1/3-2 0-1
Josh Kloos 0-1s 1-0s 0-1d 1-1d 0-1/2-2 0-1
Jerry Pitman 1-0d 1-0d 0-2d 1-0d 1-0s2-0d 2-0d 3-2/5-0 3-2
Adam Solberg 0-1s 0-1s 0-1s 0-1s1-0d 0-3d 0-1/1-4 0-1
Brendan Ward 0-2d 0-2d 0-0
Team Results 2-5 6-1 1st 3-5 3-5 3rd 3w-2L
Dual Record 0-1 1-1 4-1 4-2 4-3 6-5 6-5 9-7     9-8 10-9-1 11-9-1 11-9-1 12-9-1 1st 2nd  
Girls       Season Con Hv DV ST
Havre Fergus Con Inv CMR GFH Havre Con CB"A" CMR JV Dual Con JV Dual St. I BF Con GF Invite Hav Choteau Con JV Dual Fairfield CJI Div State
Career Rec
Alexa Cline 1-0s 1-0s C 3-2d 1-0d 3-0d 1-0d C C C C C 3-0d 3-1d 14-3/2-0 29-11 1st-d 2nd-d
Kellie Fitzgerald 1-0s 0-1s 2-2d 0-1d 0-1d 3-1d a 5-0d 1-0d 3-1d a 0-1d a a a a 0-2d 15-10 33-51 4th-d 3rd-d
Jessica Greenwald 0-1d 1-0d 0-2s 1-0s 1-0s n 2-2s0-1d 0-1s 2-1s n n n n n 7-8 18-31
Morgan McDivitt 1-0s 1-0d 3-0s 1-0s 0-1s 3-0s c 2-2s 1-0s 3-0s 1-0s c 1-0s c c c c 4-0s 5-0s 26-3 65-27 1st-s 1st-s 1st-s 1st-s
Brianna Bauer 1-0s 1-0d 3-1s 1-0s 0-1s 2-1s e 3-2d 1-0d 2-0d 1-0d e 1-0d e e e e 3-0d 3-1d 22-6 57-20 3rd-s 2nd-s 1st-d 2nd-d
Taylor Harvie 1-0s 1-0s 2-2d 0-1d 0-1d 3-1d l 5-0d 1-0d 3-1d l 0-1d l l l l 0-2d 15-7 24-23 4th-d 3rd-d
Emily Anderson 0-1d 1-0s 1-2s 0-1s 1-0s 2-1s l 1-4s 1-0s 1-3s l 0-1s l l l l 1-2s 8-13 11-28 4th-s3 3rd-s3
Jordan Johnson 0-1d 1-0s 2-2d 0-1d 0-1d e 1-1d e e e e e   4-6 9-22
Mariah McCormick 2-2d 0-1d 0-1d d 2-0s1-0d 1-0s1-0d d d d d d 5-4/2-0 13-15
Dani Schlink 0-1d 0-1d 0-1d 0-1d 0-2d 2-0d 1-2d 0-6/3-2 2-23
Kierstin Schlink 0-1d 1-0d 0-1d 0-1d 0-2d 1-0d 1-1d 0-5/3-1 1-20
Lena Skunk Cap 0-1s 0-1d 1-0s1-0d 0-1s0-1d 0-1d 0-2/2-3 2-9
Lorenia Cruz 1-0d 1-0d 1-1s0-1d 0-1s1-1d 4-4 0-0
Aurelia Tait 1-0d 1-0d 1-1d 1-1d 4-2 0-0
Miranda Frick 1-1d 1-0s0-2d 2-3 0-0
Kayla Kraft 0-1d 1-0s 0-2d 0-1d 0-1d 3-2d 3-0d2-0s 1-0s1-0d 1-0s 4-0s 1-0s 1-2s 15-9/3-0 15-9 4th-d
Jillian Altenburg 0-1d 1-0d 0-2d 0-1d 0-1d 3-2d 2-0d1-2s 1-0s1-0d 1-0s 3-3s 11-11/2-1 11-11 4th-d 6th-s
Rylee Rides At The Door 0-1s 1-0s 1-0s1-0d 0-2d 0-1d 0-1,3-3 0-1
Chante Fitzgerald 0-1s 1-0d 0-1s0-1d 0-2d 1-5 0-0
Linzie Schwindt 0-1d 1-0s 1-0d 2-0d 0-2d 1-0d 2-0/3-3 2-0
Team Results 4-3 5-2 1st 3-5 2-6 1st 3w-2L 5-1 2w-1T
Dual Record 1-0 2-0 5-0 5-1 5-2 9-2 9-2 12-4 13-4 15-4-1 16-4-1 17-4-1   17-4-1 1st 2nd  
             Red indicates that the matches are Non-varsity matches (not included in career record) 



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