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The following schedule is tentative. All next-up matches will start at the conclusion of matches

being played. This schedule is at the discretion of the tournament manager and may be altered

at their request. Click on the bracket pages to find the match of interest and locate it's scheduled

time below.

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                          Match Status - NorthWest B/C Divisional

              Friday, May 14th                                                                                                         

                       High School COURTS             CITY COURTS  


                             9:00       GS1       GS2       GS3       GS4                     9:00                    BS1       BS2      


                            10:00     GS5       GS6       GS7       GS8                     10:00                   BS3       BS4      


                            11:15     GD1      GD2      GD3      GD4                      11:15                   BD1      BD2     


                            12:45     GS9       GS10     GS11     GS12                   12:45                   BS7       BS8


                            2:15       GS13     GS14     GS15     GS16                  


                            3:30       GD5      GD6      GD7      GD8     


                            5:00       GS17     GS18     GS19     GS20    




                            Saturday, May 15th                                                                                                     


                            8:00       BS5       BS6       GS23     GS24                                


                            9:30       GS21     GS22     GD9      GD10                               


                            11:15     BS9       BS10     GS25     GS26                                


                            12:45     GS27     BS11     GD11    BD3           (Championship Round)


                              2:30       GS28     GD12    GS29     BD4                   


                              4:00       GD13    BS12





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Coach Jim Gregg elemjg@cutbankschools.net, May 16, 2010