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The Conrad Invitational Tennis Tournament was played through some cool and windy conditions with a QUICK N0-ADD Six-Game PROSET format. There wasn't any room for error.

Teams from Conrad, Cut Bank and Havre participated. The tournament included tournament bracket match play for No. 1 & 2 Singles, No. 3 & 4 Singles and Doubles for both boys and girls.

Had team results been kept, the Wolves would have finished 1st with both boys and girls teams. Boys: Cut Bank 56, Havre 41, Lewistown 28 Conrad 10. Girls: Cut Bank 43, Lewistown 40, Havre 39 and Conrad 22.

Nate Kavanagh/Jordan Hoof and Morgan McDivitt grabbed Championship titles while Jace Kimmet, Jeremy Moss, Dylan Johnston/Chaz Cooper finished 2nd, Brianna Bauer, Brandon Greco finished 3rd and Kellie Fitzgerald/Taylor Harvie and Emily Anderson placed 4th in their respective brackets. Results can be found below

Girls' #1-2 Singles

Boys' #1-2 Singles

Girls' #3-4 Singles

Boys' #3-4 Singles

Girls' Doubles

Boys' Doubles

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Coach Jim Gregg elemjg@cutbankschools.net, April 5, 2010