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The Havre Invitational Tennis Tournament was played on Monday, April 9, 2012. The Invitational was set up as a double elimination tournament bracket for six different catagories. The six brackets were for: Girls' Doubles, Boys' Doubles, Girls' Singles for #1 and #2 seeds, Girls' Singles for the #3 seeds, Boys' Singles for #1 and #2 seeds, and Boys' Singles for #3 seeds. 6-Game and 8-game proset matches were played. The Cut Bank teams played well finishing with ONE CHAMPION (Jillian Altenburg/Kayla Kraft GD) The Wolves also had 2nd place finishes from Paige Larson in GS1-2 and Isaac Matt in BS1-2. Che Little Dog placed third in BS3.

Official Team scores were not kept but had they been, Teams scored as follows:Boys TBA
-1st ? pts. 2nd ?pts. 3rd ? 4th ? 5th ?pts

Girls: - 1st ? pts. 2nd ?pts. 3rd ?pts. 4th ? pts. 5th ? pts.

Click on the links below to view results of the brackets below.




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Coach Jim Gregg elemjg@cutbankschools.net, April 10, 2012