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Cut Bank in once again the host site for the Class "A" Invitational. Three "A" Western schools joined three Eastern "A" schools
and Cut Bank to play a total of 196 matches over two days at the CBHS courts and the indoor courts at the Willie DeGroot Gymnasium.
These matches will be updated as soon as possible. (Please refresh this page before clicking on your desired results)

All twenty-eight duals and individual match results can be view by clicking on the dual links below.

           Girls' Matches - Friday April 15th                                                                                        Boys' Matches - Friday April 15th

Libby Vs. Cut Bank Rd 2 Cut Bank Vs. Whitefish Rd 14 Whitefish Vs. Havre Rd 8   Libby Vs. Cut Bank Rd 1 Hardin Vs. Polson Rd 9 Whitefish Vs. Havre Rd 7
Havre Vs. Hardin Rd 4 Hardin Vs. Polson Rd 10       Havre Vs. Hardin Rd 3 Cut Bank Vs. Whitefish Rd 13    
Fergus Vs. Polson Rd 6 Rd 12       Fergus Vs. Polson Rd 5 Fergus Vs. Libby Rd 11    

           Girls' Matches - Saturday April 16th                                                                                    Boys' Matches - Saturday April 16th

Libby Vs.Hardin Rd 16 Libby Vs. Havre Rd 22 Fergus Vs. Cut Bank Rd 28   Libby Vs. Hardin Rd 15 Libby Vs. Havre Rd 21 Fergus Vs. Cut Bank Rd 27
Polson Vs. Cut Bank Rd 18 Whitefish Vs. Hardin Rd 24       Polson Vs. Cut Bank Rd 17 Whitefish Vs. Hardin Rd 23    
Fergus Vs. Whitefish Rd 20 Rd 26       Fergus Vs. Whitefish Rd 19 Polson Vs. Havre Rd 25    

Click on the team matches above for Individual results!



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