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Montana High School Association's Coaches' Code of Conduct
It is recommended that the coach....

1. Always set a good example for others to follow.
2. Instruct the players about their sportsmanship responsibilities.
3. Discipline those players who display unsportsmanlike behavior. If necessary, forfeit their privileges of representing the school.
4. Be a good host to opponents; treat them as guests.
5. Provide opportunities for social interaction among coaches and players of both teams before and after the contest.
6. Select only officials who have demonstrated the highest ethical standards.
7. Respect the official’s judgment and interpretation of the rules. Question them with respect and dignity only when the game rules permit.
8. Publicly shake hands with the officials and opposing coach before and after the contest.

A coach will be in violation of the standards for good sportsmanship established by the Montana High School Association by:

  1. Making degrading/critical remarks about officials during or after a contest either at the competition site, from the bench, in the locker area or through any public news media;
  2. Arguing with officials or going through motions indicating dislike/disdain for a decision;
  3. Detaining the officials following a contest to request or argue a ruling or explanation of actions by the official;
  4. Being ejected from a contest;
  5. Physically assaulting an official.

More on Sportsmanship (click here)

Last Updated on March 29, 2012

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