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Our old Challenge Ladder consisted of four steps. We are changing this for the 2012 season to be a five step LADDER. The top three steps contain the varsity-8 (eight players designated on the varsity team), with the 4th step containing four players eligible to challenge onto the varsity team. The fifth step contains all other players on the team and they are eligible to challenge up onto the fouth step of the ladder.

To move up a step on the ladder, a player must challenge someone one step above them to a match and win the match. The match can be a proset of 6,8,10 or a regular best 2 of 3 game match. Both participants need to agree on the type of match and scoring method used before playing. (Coaches don't recommend a 6 game (no-add) proset challenge, but leave it up the the discretion of the players due to weather and time constraints.)

Players can only challenge ONE step above them and make only ONE challenge a week. If challenged, a player must make every effort to set a date & time that week to play. If they don't they will forfeit their position on the ladder.

The players report the scores to the coaches when there is a change of position on the ladder. Players who are challenged, only have to play ONE challenge a week. Players can only issue one challenge a week. So a player may be challenged from someone below him on the ladder and he may challenge someone above him on the ladder during the week. All challenge matches are played during OPEN court time. Our practice time can be designated for challenges, but only if the coaching staff want to issue MANDITORY challenges.

To become a member of the final tournament(s) team, a player must have challenged at least three times during the season and successfully reached the top eight players list going into the final week of regular season match play. This means, any player who hasn't successfully been on the varsity team for the entire season. Those who have maintained their varsity position, do not need to issue challenges. Any player who has been on the varsity a majority of the season and loses his position going into the final three weeks, may be asked to play mandatory challenges to determine the final tournament teams. Players who have been off and on the varsity team throughout the season, may also be involved in the mandatory challenges to determine the final tournament teams.

The Challenge Ladder will be updated on a weekly basis. Click here to see the LADDER.

Last Updated on May 24, 2011

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