Wolves' Tennis 2014

Tradition, Sportsmanship



WELCOME BACK AND WELCOME NEWCOMERS! We are very proud of the Cut Bank High School Tennis program that has developed over the years.  We welcome you as a member of the team.  We emphasize TEAM, and work very hard at promoting this concept!  Tennis is a unique sport in that it has an individual as well as team concept.  When you are on the court, you are often are all alone, but you carry the pride and tradition of Wolves' Tennis with every ball you hit.  We expect you to carry on this tradition and represent your school and town with the utmost show of SPORTSMANSHIP and PRIDE .  We not only expect it, but know you expect it too!


What are your goals this year? Think about what you want to get out of being a member of the Wolves' tennis teams. FUN should be one of your top goals! It's always one of ours, as coaches. You'll need to write these goals down, and revisit them often during the season to monitor your progress. Coach Gregg has posted (OR will soon) his 2014 personal goals. Check the web site for this information. You will need to turn your goal sheet in by the end of the first week of practice. You can find the Goal Sheet on this website.

Our coaching philosophy has been and will continue to be:

                        Tennis is a life-long sport!  We will do our best to teach you the skills required to play and enjoy the game.  This game is a lot of fun! We encourage everyone to have fun while they play.  We demand a lot more from those who plan on playing for the Wolves' VARSITY TEAMS.  To be a varsity player takes commitment, dedication and a competitive spirit.  It takes a team attitude and effort. We want you to push each other to the top! Welcome the opportunity to challenge other players and be challenged yourself. Challenge matches strengthen not only your own play, but the play of our teammates! To be a member of the final tournament(s) team, you must have challenged at least three (3) times during the season and successfully reached the top eight players list going into the final week of regular season match play or already reside on the top eight players list and retained that position going into the final week of regular season match play. If you want to compete on the varsity level, we expect you to be committed to these ideals and the opportunity to challenge or be challenged to reach the top of your game. Don't wait until the final three-four weeks of the season. Get started early and challenge every week.

We practice outdoors whenever possible.  If the courts are dry, we will be outside.  Even in cold times, we are outdoors so "DRESS APPROPRIATELY"!  This means warm clothes, gloves, hats, etc. If you want to check out practice gear this year, let us know and give us your sizes. (All gear must be checked back in by the end of the season before you can check out of school or you will be charged for the missing gear.) If the courts are too wet, or the wind is too strong, then we will follow an indoor schedule.  Become familiar with this schedule. It is posted on our web site. We sincerely appriciate our NEW TENNIS COURT FACILITY. Take pride and help keep the facility neat and clean! We have a first class facility. and must take care of it. Wolf Pride goes a long ways!

A varsity team will be chosen after the first week of practices and our Purple/Gold matches.  After this team has been chosen, a challenge ladder system will be used to determine weekly varsity positions.  All Challenges determine the following week's team and must be completed by Friday's practice.  Challenges for the most part are done on your time, not practice time unless circumstances warrant it.  (Some challenges will be mandatory by coaches and may be done during practice times.)  If a varsity player doesn't make an effort to meet a challenge, they will forfeit their varsity position.  Once again, to become a member of the final tournament(s) team (if you aren't already a member of the varsity eight), you must have challenged at least three (3) times during the season and successfully reached the top eight players list going into the final week of regular season match play. Coaches make all determinations of seeds and singles/doubles play for varsity matches. That is our job.   We are open to your ideas and suggestions so don't hesitate to make suggestions on doubles' partners or singles play. But remember, we are the coaches and we will have final say. Our intent is to provide the strongest team line-up possible for the final two tournaments giving us the best opportunity for a strong team finish at these tournaments. We do this regardless of if the player is a senior or a freshman. Your playing ability and ladder results give us our strongest player line-ups.

You must have a physical exam card turned in prior to your first practice - NO EXCEPTIONS - you can not practice until this is taken care of.

All athletic fees must be paid prior to your first scheduled match.  Take care of them if you haven't already done so. You will not play in the first scheduled matches if fees are not paid!

An Athletic Agreement Form must be signed and turned in a.s.a.p. It must be done prior to your first scheduled match, or you will not play.  The athlete and parent must sign this form to verify you understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of CBHS. If you've played other sports, you've probably have already taken care of this. We will let you know.

You can find the tennis calendar with the presently scheduled matches on it on this web site.  If you have any questions or concerns, We are only a phone call or stop away.  Call me or one of our assistant coaches, come see us, let us know what is on your mind. If you would rather talk to a captain, they'll bring your concern or ideas forward to the coaches!  We consider it the Captains' job to do this. We want to stress team unity and we won't accomplish this unless we know what is on your mind. Constantly visit and revisit this web site for updates and information regarding CBHS Tennis. This site is our MAIN COMMUNICATION TOOL.


Together we will continue the TRADITION and PRIDE of Wolves' Tennis.      Good Luck this year and let's have some FUN!


Facts Every Wolves' Tennis Player Should Know and Use At All Times . Read these and learn and abide by them!

Tennis has a rich tradition of sportsmanship, a tradition that can be exemplified by each player every time he steps on a court.  Cut Bank Wolves take pride in exhibiting good sportsmanship!

The Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" expresses the concept of sportsmanship clearly and simply.

            1.         Appropriate Tennis clothing:

                        a.  Wear shorts/warm ups with pockets!

                        b.  Men who play without shirts are considered crude.

            2.         If you make a date to play (challenge matches) - Be There! and On Time!

a.  It is particularly poor behavior to break a date or default unless some real emergency occurs.

                        b.  It is very poor to break a date because a better opponent happens to come along.

3.         When walking to your court, proceed as quietly as possible outside the fence to the nearest gate.

4.         Wait at the gate until the point of a game in progress on the adjacent court is over.  Then walk quickly past that court to your court.

5.         Never walk onto a court where a point is in progress, even when playing in a social setting (park, school, club, etc.).  Always wait until the point is over. 

            6.         Players should share the expense of balls, or alternate bringing them.

            7.         During warm up hit the ball to your opponent so that maximum practice is possible.

            8.         Both players should warm up and take all practice serves before any points are played.

            9.         When serving, you should always begin a point with at least 2 balls in your possession.

            10.       The server should wait until the receiver is ready for both the first and second serve.

            11.       The server should announce the score after every point.

12.       If your ball goes astray on an adjacent court, wait until the point in progress is over and then say "A little help, please".

13.       When returning a ball that comes on your court, return it directly to the player requesting it, or roll it gently to their backstop.

14.       When receiving a serve, if the ball is good, you return it and say nothing.  If the ball is out, you call "out", but don't return it.

15.       When a ball lands close to the line be prepared to return it if it is good.  In fact, you should return it.  If you see that it has bounced outside the proper court, call "out" immediately.

            16.       Do not talk while the ball is in play.

            17.       When playing doubles, it is poor etiquette and poor strategy to criticize your partner.

            18.       Leave your court neat.  Remove empty cans, candy wrappers, etc.

            19.       Most courts have rules governing their use.  Know these rules and follow them.

20.       Occasionally, you should offer to play or practice with players of lesser skill.  This is particularly helpful to them and you will be returning a favor that was done for you when you were less skillful.

21.       At the conclusion of a match shake hands with your opponent and thank him for the match.  If you lost, congratulate the winner on his victory and wish him good luck on his next round.  Make no excuses for your play.  Recognize the fact that your opponent was the better player on that day.

If you won, be a gracious winner.  Console your opponent on his loss and wish him luck on his next match.

22.       Courteous manners and sportsmanlike behavior contribute to everyone's enjoyment of the game as well as the great tennis tradition!


Good Luck and Welcome to the Pride and Tradition of Wolves Tennis!





Mike Elhard 1995    Keithan Gregg 2001-02-03-04              Brandon Kavanagh - 2002                     Matt Lewis - 2002 & 2003
Our 1st Champion     Our only "4" time Champion


    Brian McDivitt - 2003 & 2005                                  Kyle Lewis 2004 & 2005              Jeff Larson   2004, 2005 & 2006
        Our only Doubles & Singles champion                                                                One of two "3" time Doubles Champions


     Jessica Jacobsen 2005 Melanie Rice 2005 nnnSteven Paulson 2006, 2007 & 2008xxxxxxxxxxxxxxCody Pyette 2007
         Our first Lady Wolves' Champions                Our other "3" time Doubles Champ


                   Jeremy Whelchel 2008                                         Joshua Paulson 2008 & 2009                                          Jace Kimmet 2009 & 2010        Spencer Lewis 2009
                                                                                                A "2" time Singles Champion


nnnnnnnnnNate Kavanagh 2010                                                       Morgan McDivitt 2010 & 2011                                                   Kayla Kraft & Jillian Altenburg  2012
                                                                           Our first Lady Wolves Singles Champion & a "2" time Singles Champ


Jillian Altenburg & Alex Kraft 2013                                                                                     Jillian Altenburg                                                                         Alex Kraft

                                                                                                                     Our first Lady Wolves "2" time Doubles Champ




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