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Coach Paul Schilling

1) You're on the right track now!
2) You've got it made.
3) You're really working hard today.
4) You are very good at that.
5) I'm proud of the way you worked today.
6) That's the best you've ever done.
7) I knew you could do it.
8) You are learning fast.
9) Couldn't have done it better myself.
10) You did it that time!
11) Nothing can stop you now.
12) That's the way to do it.
13) You've got your brain in gear today.
14) That was first class work.
15) That's better than ever.
16) You must have been practicing.
17) Good job, (person's name)
18) You outdid yourself today!
19) Good going.
20) Now you have the hang of it.
21) Sensational!
22) That's the way!
23) Aren't you proud of yourself?





"Let's let our kids know just how good they are doing!"


Jim Gregg - Head Coach
Paul Schilling - Assistant Coach
Mark Flaherty - Assistant Coach
Brandon Kavanagh - Assistant Coach
Keithan Gregg - Volunteer Coach
Joan Gregg - Volunteer Coach
Melanie Rice - Volunteer Coach

Last Updated on November 18, 2010

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Coach Jim Gregg