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  Cut Bank National Honor Society Officers

The National Honor Society is a service organization established to recognize students who reflect high academic accomplishments and exemplary character, leadership, and service qualities.

Officers for the 2012-13 School Year:

President: Megan Lewis
Vice President: Jillian Altenburg
Secretary/Treasurer: Brannon Dodson

Officers for the 2011-12 School Year:

President: Erika Karcher
Vice President: Kayla Kraft
Secretary/Treasurer: Reedie Spencer

Officers for the 2010-11 School Year:

President: Kyle Berkam
Vice President: Nate Kavanagh
Secretary/Treasurer: Chaz Cooper

Officers for the 2009-10 School Year:

President: Danielle Wineman
Vice President: Jessica Greenwald

Officers for the 2008-09 School Year:

President: Calcie DeZort
Vice President: Lanaia Lewis
Secretary/Treasurer: Marla Rice

Officers for the 2007-08 School Year:

President: Jon Coryell
Vice President: Jill Murphy
Secretary/Treasurer: Reid Gage

Officers for the 2006-07 School Year:

President: Ben Jacobsen
Vice President: Cody Pyette
Secretary/Treasurer: Melissa Meuchel

Officers for the 2005-06 School Year:

President: Jacob Armstrong
Vice President: Marissa Stanchfield
Secretary/Treasurer: Chelsey Johnson

Officers for the 2004-05 School Year:

President: Naomi Light
Vice President: Jessica Jacobsen
Secretary: Justine Huschka

Officers for the 2003-04 School Year:

President: Tasha Smith
Vice President: Melanie VanSteeland
Secretary: Jessica Collins

Officers for the 2002-03 School Year:

President: Adam Brown
Vice President: Emily Harbour
Secretary: Jacquelyn Polla

Officers for the 2001-02 School Year:

President: John M. Reynolds
Vice President: Amanda Kimmet
Secretary: Adina Meeks

Officers for the 2000-01 School Year:

President: Jamie Wells
Vice President: Andrea McDivitt
Secretary: Kyle Hannah

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