Cut Bank School District


THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES              1240


Duties of Individual Trustees


The authority of individual trustees is limited to participating in actions taken by the Board as a whole when legally in session. Trustees shall not assume responsibilities of administrators or other staff members. The Board or staff shall not be bound by an action taken or statement made by an individual trustee, except when such statement or action is pursuant to specific instructions and official action taken by the Board.

Each trustee shall review the agenda and attendant materials in advance of a meeting and shall be prepared to participate in discussion and decision making for each agenda item. Each trustee shall visit every school (except in 1st class districts) at least once per year to examine its management, conditions, and needs.

All trustees are obligated to attend Board meetings regularly. Whenever possible, a trustee shall give advance notice to the Chairperson or Superintendent, of the trustee’s inability to attend a Board meeting. A majority of the Board may excuse a trustee’s absence from a meeting if requested to do so.

Board members, as individuals, have no authority over school affairs, except as provided by law or as authorized by the Board.

Cross Reference: 1113 Vacancies

Legal References: § 20-3-301, MCA Election and term of office
§ 20-3-308, MCA Vacancy of trustee position
§ 20-3-324(22), MCA Powers and duties
§ 20-3-332, MCA Personal immunity and liability of trustees

Policy History:
Adopted on: April 8, 2014
Reviewed on: March 11, 2014
Revised on: