Cut Bank School District



District Policy and Procedures

Adoption and Amendment of Policies

Proposed new policies and proposed changes to existing policies shall be presented in writing for reading and discussion at a regular or special Board meeting. Interested parties may submit views, present data or arguments, orally or in writing, in support of or in opposition to proposed policy. Any written statement by a person, relative to a proposed policy or amendment, should be directed to the District Clerk prior to the final reading. The final vote for adoption shall take place not earlier than at the second (2nd) reading of the particular policy. New or revised policies that are required, or have required language changes based on State or Federal law, or are required changes by administrative rule, may be adopted after the first (1st) reading if sufficient notice has been given through the board agenda.

All new or amended policies shall become effective on adoption; unless a specific effective date is stated in the motion for adoption.

Policies, as adopted or amended, shall be made a part of the minutes of the meeting at which action was taken and also shall be included in the District’s policy manual. Policies of the District shall be reviewed on a regular basis.

Policy Manuals

The Superintendent shall develop and maintain a current policy manual which includes all policies of the District. Every administrator, as well as staff, students, and other residents, shall have ready access to District policies.

Suspension of Policies

Under circumstances that require waiver of a policy, the policy may be suspended by a majority vote of the trustees present. To suspend a policy, however, all trustees must have received written notice of the meeting, which includes the proposal to suspend a policy and an explanation of the purpose of such proposed suspension.

Administrative Procedures

The Superintendent shall develop such administrative procedures as are necessary to ensure consistent implementation of policies adopted by the Board.

When a written procedure is developed, the Superintendent shall submit it to the Board as an information item.

Legal References: § 20-3-323, MCA District policy and record of acts
10.55.701, ARM Board of Trustees
Policy History:
Adopted on: March 10, 2015
Reviewed on: February 10, 2015
Revised on: