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Records Available to Public


All District records, except those restricted by state and federal law, shall be available to citizens for inspection at the Clerk’s office.


An individual wishing public information that is in electronic format or other nonprint media must submit a detailed description, to the Superintendent, of the information requested.  The District will provide the public information as required under § 2-6-110, MCA.


In accordance with § 20-9-213(1), MCA, the record of the accounting of school funds shall be open to public inspection at any meeting of the trustees.  A fee may be charged for any copies requested.  Copies will be available within a reasonable amount of time following a request.


A written copy of Board minutes shall be available to the general public within five (5) working days following approval of the minutes by the Board.  If requested, one (1) free copy of minutes shall be provided to local media within five (5) working days following approval by the Board.


Fees will be charged as follows:


              a)           Copy of Board minutes - 15¢ per page


              b)           Copy of other materials - 25¢ per page


              c)           Time spent researching a copy project will be charged at the employee’s hourly rate of pay.




Legal References:         § 2-6-110, MCA           Electronic Information and non-print records

                                          § 20-3-323, MCA         District policy and record of acts

                                          § 20-9-213, MCA         Duties of trustees


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