Cut Bank School District                                                                                                                


THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                                                                               1420F


Notice Regarding Public Comment


MTSBA recommends that you attach the following notice to your agendas for your regular Board meetings and/or have the Board Chairperson read it aloud at the beginning of the Board meeting, until the public becomes educated about the process:


Montana law requires school districts and other public agencies to include on the agenda for public meetings an item allowing public comment on any public matter not otherwise specifically listed on the agenda that is within the jurisdiction of the agency.  As has also been the practice of the District, and in accordance with Montana law, if any member desires to speak to an item that is specifically listed/identified on the agenda, you will be allowed to do so when the item comes up for discussion and action.  The public comment portion of the agenda is not the time designated to hear items that are specifically listed/identified on the agenda.


For those individuals who desire to address the Board during the “public comment” portion of the meeting, if you haven’t already done so, please sign your name to the sheet located _____________________ and indicate the general topic on which you will be commenting.   The Board Chairperson will call individuals to speak in the order listed on the sheet provided.  The Board would like to remind everyone in attendance that to avoid violations of individual rights of privacy, a member of the public wishing to address the Board during this time will not be allowed to make comments about any student, staff member, or member of the general public during his/her designated time to speak.  In addition the Board will not hear comments on contested cases or other adjudicative proceedings.   


Depending on the number of persons who wish to address the Board, the Board Chairperson may place reasonable time limits on comments, in order to maintain and ensure effective and efficient operations of the Board. 


By law the District cannot take any action on any matter discussed during the “public comment” portion of the meeting, until such time as the matter is specifically noticed on the agenda, and the public has been allowed the opportunity to comment.