Cut Bank School District


THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES              1532


Trustee Insurance


The District shall maintain sufficient insurance to protect the Board and its individual members against liability arising from actions of the Board or its individual members while each is acting on behalf of the District and within the trustee’s authority.


An additional trustee, as provided for in 20-3-352(2), who is chosen as a nonvoting chairperson of the board of an elementary district is entitled to all of the immunization, defenses, and indemnifications as described in 20-3-322, MCA.


Legal References:         § 20-3-331, MCA         Purchase of insurance – self-insurance plan

                                          § 20-3-332, MCA         Personal immunity and liability of trustees

                                          § 20-3-352(2), MCA     Request and determination of number of high

                                                                                    school district additional trustee positions –

                                                                                    nonvoting trustee


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