SECTION 1400 IPP – REQUIREMENTS OF AMENDMENT BY PL 81-874                       


1400 IPP


1.  IPP specifies how the LEA will give tribal officials and parents of Indian Children (parents) an opportunity to comment on the participation of Indian Children on an equal basis in the education program.  (34 CFR 22.311 (a) (2) ).


School District #15 Policies and Procedures:


School District #15 is a K-12 public school and provides an equal opportunity for all children enrolled in the District. 


The Board of Trustees for School District #15 discusses the participation of all children on an equal basis at board meetings and during curriculum evaluation meetings.  Student activities are reported by the Principals in their written and oral reports.  Community concerns are a standard agenda item each month parents frequently attend meetings to discuss school activities and concerns of their children.


2.  IPP specifies how the LEA will access the extent to which Indian children participate on an equal basis in the educational program.  (34 CFR 223.11 (a) (2) ).


School District #15 will receive monthly comments from the PAC Committee or representatives of that committee on a monthly basis through our monthly board meetings, concerning individual students and school activities and concerns and information.


Furthermore, the District has established an Impact Aid Parent Advisory Committee to provide input.  The Board of Trustees reviews and acts upon recommendations of the PACs regarding specific program operations, staffing, and policies.


3.  IPP specifies procedures for modifying its educational program, when necessary, to allow Indian children to participate on an equal basis.  (34 CFR 223.11 (a) (3)).


Prior to March of each year, community members, tribal officials and parents meet to determine new programs, new short and long range goals, recommendations, etc.  After the survey results are compiled, the administration, tribal council, staff/faculty representatives, and parent representatives meet to discuss the findings and set new short and long range goals for the District.  These goals are then circulated for two (2) months in the school, community, and the tribal council for additional input before final adoption in June of each year.


4, The following material will be disseminated to the PAC Committee and to the Office of the Blackfeet Nation.


              _____YES   _____NO              PL81-874 Application


            _____YES   _____NO              Evaluations of Education Programs

                                                                                    Assisted with 874 funds; and


              _____YES   _____NO              Program plans for Educational Programs

                                                                                    The LEA Plans to initiate / eliminate

                                                                                    (34 CRF 223.11 (b) (1),  223.10 (b) ).


              _____YES   _____NO              Disaggregated / Standardized Test Data



5.  IPP specifies that the parents and tribal officials will have adequate time and opportunity to present their views re:  the 874 application, evaluations, and program plans listed in # 4 above (34 CRF 223.11 (b) (2) ).



All items listed in Number 4 above are discussed at School District #15 Board of Trustees meetings which are open to the public and tribal officials.


A district-wide meeting is called annually before the submission of the 874 application.  This meeting is held in addition to the consultation referred to above.


6.  IPP describes how the LEA will actively consult and regularly involve tribal officials and parents in the planning and development of education programs assisted with 874 funds.  (34 CFR 223.11 (c) ).


Tribal officials, parents and community members are consulted via the yearly survey and short and long range goal sessions referred to above.  In addition, school staff/faculty, students, tribal officials, community members and parents are consulted via our annual Title V external evaluators.  Every three years, a comprehensive needs assessment and evaluation on all school programs is conducted and all parties mentioned above are consulted via surveys and interviews.


7.  IPP describes the LEA’s methods to afford tribal officials and parents an opportunity to make recommendations and present their view regarding:  the needs of their children; the way they can assist their children to realize the benefits to be derived from the education programs assisted with 874 monies; and their overall view on the LEA’s methods which must include specific ways the LEA will gather information concerning Indian views, including the frequency, location, and time of meetings.  (34 CFR 223.11 (d) 34 CFR 223.10 (d) ).  A district-wide meeting is called annually before the submission of the 874 application.  This meeting is held in addition to the consultation referred to above.


8.  IPP contains specific procedures for assessing the meaningfulness of Indian input and modifying the LEA’s policies and procedures based on that input (34 CFR 223.11 (e) ).


Based upon the recommendations of the new short and long range goals developed each year, evaluation findings, and other pertinent data reported at public meetings, the Board of Trustees adopts these changes and recommendations.  Changes in policies and procedures occur as changes are recommended with a first and second reading of recommendations before the policy is adopted by the Board of Trustees.


WHEREAS:  P.L. 81-874 has been amended by P.L. 95-561, Title XI-Part A. Section 1101 to mandate that school districts have policies and procedures that insure:






That the Tribes and parents of Indian children:



WHEREAS: The Board of Trustees of School District #15, the Tribes, and the parent Advisory Council are desirous of developing the most comprehensive education system available to all students, and to promote the culture, heritage,  language, and tradition of the Tribes; and NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of School District #15, the Tribes,  and the Parent Advisory Council enter into this agreement as a viably important, coordinated effort between the school district and the Blackfeet tribal-sponsored education programs; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Board of Trustees, School District #15, Cut Bank, MT, hereby adopts as official Board Policy a commitment to affording parents and other tribal members opportunities to present their views and recommendations on annual P.L. 81-874 applications and on the overall educational programs of Cut Bank Public Schools; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Tribes and Parent Advisory Council be contacted regarding the intent of this resolution and be invited to designate memberships to a committee, which shall be organized and which shall be duly organized to assist the School District in establishing policies and procedures that shall comply with the aforementioned P.L. 81-874 amendments; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that said committee shall have membership including, but not limited to:  parents of Indian students, other tribal representatives, school personnel, Board of Trustee members, and students; and


BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this resolution and all progress/actions of said Impact Aid Committee be regularly disseminated to the public in an effort to maintain the basic spirit of this resolution; parental/community participation in the educational process and the provision of an equal educational opportunity to all students who attend Cut Bank Public Schools.




I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Board of Trustees, School District #15, Cut Bank, MT, during a duly called, noticed, and convened meeting held on April 14, 1992.


      /s /    Michael Koepke                                                                                            /s/    Wade Johnson

Chairman / Board of Trustees                                                                             Superintendent of Schools



  Reviewed January, 2006