Cut Bank School District


INSTRUCTION        2000




School District #15 believes that all young people can learn and master the skills of a basic education commensurate with their abilities, regardless of family background, handicap, socioeconomic status, race, or gender.  District #15 is committed to the recognition of individual differences among students and, as a result, is committed to serving the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of the young people enrolled in its schools.  This commitment is both the goal and the purpose of Cut Bank’s Public Schools.  The instructional programs, methods, and materials shall not imply, teach, or encourage any beliefs or practices reflecting bias or discrimination toward other individuals or groups and shall not deny others their basic human rights.  The District believes it is the responsibility of each parent/guardian and child to ensure they have a positive attitude toward learning.  It is the District’s responsibility to promote a positive learning/teaching environment for each child.


A core curriculum, as defined by the Board, State of Montana standards, accreditation agencies, plus parental and community input, will be offered to all students.  Students enrolled in Cut Bank’s Public Schools will participate in academic, vocational, and co-curricular programs providing the opportunity to:


Observe and analyze problems to the end of being able to rationally use, criticize, and reject potential solutions.


Express himself/herself in a variety of mediums.


Acquire an aesthetic background that will help enrich one’s life.


Acquire a mature sense of social and emotional behavior and a positive understanding of political and ethical behavior.


Emerge as adults who can stand confidently, participate fully, learn continuously, and contribute meaningfully to our world.


Be prepared to enter the world of work or post-secondary education.


Acquire an ability to effectively relate with other people.  To achieve this end, the District will help the student to understand and appreciate other people, their culture, their beliefs, and how their way of life may impact his/her present and future.


Acquire the skills necessary to adapt to technological change and its impact on his/her present and future.


Legal Reference            10.55.701. ARM, Board of Trustees


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