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School Year Calendar and Day


School Calendar


Subject to §§ 20-1-301 and 20-1-308, MCA, and any applicable collective bargaining agreement covering the employment of affected employees, the trustees of a school district shall set the number of hours in a school term, the length of the school day, and the number of school days in a school week.  When proposing to adopt changes to a previously adopted school term, school week, or school day, the trustees shall:  (a) negotiate the changes with the recognized collective bargaining unit representing the employees affected by the changes; (b) solicit input from the employees affected by the changes but not represented by a collective bargaining agreement; (c)  and from the people who live within the boundaries of the school district.


Commemorative Holidays


Teachers and students will devote a portion of the day on each commemorative holiday designated in § 20-1-306, MCA, to study and honor the commemorated person or occasion.  The Board may from time to time designate a regular school day as a commemorative holiday.


Saturday School


Pupil instruction may be held on a Saturday at the discretion of a school district for the purpose of providing additional pupil instruction, provided that:  (a) Saturday school is not a pupil-instruction day and does not count toward the minimum aggregate hours of pupil instruction; and (b) student attendance is voluntary.


School Fiscal Year


At least the minimum number of aggregate hours must be conducted during each school fiscal year.  The minimum aggregate hours required by grade are:    

(a)          A minimum of 360 aggregate hours for a kindergarten program;

(b)          720 hours for grades 1 through 3;

(c)          1,080 hours for grades 4 through 12; and

(d)         1,050 hours may be sufficient for graduating seniors.


In addition, seven (7) pupil instruction-related days may be scheduled for the following purposes:

1.           Pre-school staff orientation for the purpose of organization of the school year;

2.           Staff professional development programs (minimum of three (3) days);

3.           Parent/teacher conferences; and

4.           Post-school record and report (not to exceed one (1) day, or one-half (½) day at the end of each semester or quarter).

Legal References:         § 20-1-301, MCA         School fiscal year

                                          § 20-1-302, MCA         School day and week

                                          § 20-1-303, MCA         Conduct of School on Saturday or Sunday

                                                                                    prohibited - exceptions

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                                          § 20-1-306, MCA         Commemorative exercises on certain days

                                          ARM 10.55.701            Board of Trustees

                                          ARM 10.65.101-103     Pupil-Instruction-Related Days

                                          ARM 10.55.906            High School Credit


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