Cut Bank School District


INSTRUCTION        2130


Program Evaluation and Diagnostic Tests


The Board strives to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in all facets of its operations.  In order to achieve this goal, the Board shall strive to set forth:


1.            A clear statement of expectations and purposes for the District's instructional program;


2.            A provision for staff, resources and support to achieve the stated expectations and purposes; and,


3.            A plan for evaluating instructional programs and services to determine how well expectations and purposes are being met.


Parents who wish to examine any assessment materials may do so by contacting the Superintendent.  Parental approval is necessary before administering an individual intelligence test or a diagnostic personality test.  No tests or measurement devices containing any questions about a student's or the student’s family's personal beliefs and practices in family life, morality and religion shall be administered unless the parent gives written permission for the student to take such test, questionnaire or examination.




Legal Reference:            20 U.S.C § 1232h            Protection of Pupil Rights

10.55.603, ARM            Curriculum Development and Assessment                                          10.56.101, ARM            Student Assessment


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