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Title I


To assure that parents will be involved in the educational process for their children in any District Title I program, the following activities will be completed:


1.         Letters will be sent to parents informing them that their child has been selected for the District Title I reading/language arts and/or mathematics program.  Included in the letter will be a parent sign off indicating that they accept or decline service.


2.         Parents will be informed about their child's educational program, and the instructional plan will be discussed with them.


3.         A Title I classroom will participate in its school's open house for the purpose of getting acquainted and sharing information.


4.         During parent/teacher conferences in the K-8 building, parents may be informed of the previous year's evaluation data, if appropriate, needs assessment and screening processes, student participation eligibility requirements, and ways in which parents can help their children at home.


5.         Written reports will be sent to the parents at each quarter.


6.            Conferences and phone calls will be made throughout the school year to explain the child's progress.  Parents may comment, and suggestions may be made if student improvement is needed.  Teachers will also call parents when positive comments and praise are appropriate.


7.         Parents will be invited to observe their children's work and visit the Title I room during the year.


8.         Parents will be given opportunities to assist in the reader/listener program or to help in the Title I room by making materials, explaining directions and helping a child one-to-one with some learning tasks provided by the teacher.


9.         When requested or as a need arises, Title I related workshops will be offered for parents of K-8 Title I students.


10.       A survey questionnaire will be sent to parents in the spring of the year requesting evaluation input of the Title I program in which their child is involved.




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11.       An annual general meeting will be conducted for all District Title I parents and the public.  They will be invited to learn about the Title I program, student selection and evaluation processes.  Suggestions and recommendations for the Title I program will be encouraged at this time.  Students will participate in the program.




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