Cut Bank School District




Traffic Education


Students, 15 years old or older, or who will reach their 15th birthday within 6 months of the course completion, are eligible to enroll in a Traffic Education program. Students are scheduled by age, with the oldest student having first priority.


The purpose of the program is to introduce students to a course of study which leads to the eventual development of skills appropriate for a licensed driver. The traffic education program is designed to meet the criteria established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. These criteria include requirements for instructional time, for instructor certification, recommendations for course of study and reimbursement procedures.




Legal Reference: 20-7-503, MCA District Establishment of Traffic Education Program

20-7-507, MCA District Traffic Education Fund

10.13.307, ARM Program Standards and Course Requirements for Traffic Education

20-7-502, MCA Montana Traffic Education Law


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