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Instructional Materials


The Board is legally responsible to approve and to provide the necessary instructional materials used in the District. Textbooks and instructional materials should provide quality learning experiences for students and:


. Enrich and support the curriculum;


. Stimulate growth in knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic value, and ethical standards;


. Provide background information to enable students to make intelligent judgments;


. Present opposing sides of controversial issues;


. Be representative of the many religious, ethnic, and cultural groups and their contributions to our American heritage;


. Depict in an accurate and unbiased way the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of American society.



Basic instructional course material in the fundamental skill areas of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies should be reviewed at intervals not exceeding five (5) years. All instructional materials must be sequential, and must be compatible with previous and future offerings.


Instructional materials may be made available for loan to students when the best interest of the District and student will be served by such a decision. Students will not be charged for normal wear. They will be charged replacement cost, however, as well as for excessive wear, unreasonable damage or lost materials. The professional staff will maintain records necessary for the proper accounting of all instructional materials.




Cross Reference: 2314 Learning Materials Review


Legal Reference: 20-4-402, MCA Duties of District Superintendent or County High School Principal

20-7-601, MCA Free Textbook Provision

20-7-602, MCA Textbook Selection and Adoption


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