Cut Bank School District




Selection, Adoption and Removal of Textbooks and Instructional Materials


Curriculum committees will generally be responsible to recommend textbooks and major instruction­al materials purchases. Recommendations will be made to the Superintendent.  The function of the committee is to ensure that materials are select­ed in confor­ma­nce with stated criteria and es­tab­lished district goals and objectives.  A curriculum committee may consist of only those members in a particular de­partment. The same basic selection procedures should be followed as with district-wide committees.


Selection and Adoption


Textbooks shall be selected by a curriculum committee representing the vari­ous staff who will likely be using the text. In most, but not all cases, an ad­ministrator will chair the committee.  Each committee should develop, prior to selection, a set of selection criteria against which textbooks will be evaluated. The criteria should include the follow­ing along with other ap­propriate criteria. Textbooks shall:


            be congruent with identified instructional objectives;

            present more than one viewpoint on controversial issues;

            present minorities realistically;

            present non-stereotypic models;

            facilitate the sharing of cultural differences;

            be priced appropriately.






Texts may be removed when they no longer meet the criteria for initial selec­tion, when they are worn out, or when they have been judged inappropriate through the Learning Materials Review Process.




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