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INSTRUCTION             2410P

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High School Graduation Requirements

Publication of Graduation Requirements

Prior to registering in high school, each student will be provided with a copy of the current graduation requirements. Graduation requirements shall also be included in the student handbook.


Students shall be expected to earn a total of 24 units in order to complete graduation requirements. Special education students who have successfully completed their IEP leading to completion of high school will be awarded a diploma.

Waiver of Requirement

Graduation requirements generally will not be waived under any circumstances. However, in rare and unique hardship circumstances, the principal may recommend and the Superintendent approve minor deviation from the graduation requirements.

Alternative Programs

Credit toward graduation requirements may be granted for planned learning experiences from accredited programs, such as summer school, university courses, and correspondence courses.
Credit for work experience may be offered when the work program is a part of and supervised by the school.

All classes attempted at Cut Bank High School and all acceptable transfer credits shall be recorded on the transcript. All grades earned, including failures and retakes, shall be recorded as such and utilized in the calculation of Grade Point Average and class rank. Credit shall be awarded only once regardless of repetition of the course.

Dual Credit

Dual credit allows high schools students to simultaneously earn credit toward both a high school diploma and college coursework that can lead to a postsecondary degree or certificate, or toward transfer to another college. The primary purpose of offering dual credit courses is to deliver high quality, introductory, college level courses to high-performing high school students. The
Cut Bank School District has dual credit partnerships with MSU Northern and any other university we may reach a partnership with. Students interested in dual credit opportunities must meet with their building administration to determine available options.

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Students should be aware of Montana High School Association on-campus attendance eligibility requirements for activity participation.

Honor Roll

A student must have a minimum grade-point average of 3.00 to be placed on the regular honor roll. Specific information regarding honors at graduation are included in the student handbook.

Class Rank (Grade Point Average)

Class Rank is compiled from semester grades. Courses not eligible for GPA are designated with an asterisk on the report card.

Early Graduation

In accordance with provisions of § 20-9-313, MCA, the ANB of a school may be increased when a high school district provides early graduation for a student who completes graduation requirements in less than eight semesters or the equivalent amount of secondary school enrollment. The increase must be established by the trustees as though the student had attended to the end of the school fiscal year and must be approved, disapproved, or adjusted by the superintendent of public instruction.

The Board hereby authorizes the Superintendent and/or the high school principal to recommend to the Board for early graduation students who have completed the minimum requirements for graduation in less than eight semesters.

Legal Reference: § 20-9-313, MCA Circumstances under which regular average number belonging may be increased

Procedure History:
Promulgated on: March 10, 2015
Reviewed on: February 10, 2015
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