Cut Bank School District


INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                        2421




The Board recognizes that students of the same age are at many intellectual and developmental levels and that these differences are a normal part of human development. Because of these differences, the administration and teaching staff are directed to make every effort to develop curricula and programs which meet the individual and unique needs of all students and allow them to remain with their age cohorts.


It is the philosophy of the District that students thrive best when placed or promoted to grade levels with other students who have compatible age, physical, and social/emotional status.  It is our philosophy to promote students who demonstrate effort within those compatibilities.  It is equally our philosophy and practice to retain students who do not make a reasonable effort to meet grade level expectations, as long as those expectations are commensurate with the individual student‚s ability and rate of learning.



Policy History:

Adopted on:     April 10, 2001

Revised on: