Cut Bank School District


INSTRUCTION        2450


Recognition of Native American Cultural Heritage


The District recognizes the distinct and unique cultural heritage of Native Americans and is committed in the District’s educational goals to the preservation of such heritage.


In furtherance of the District’s educational goals, the District is committed to:


·        Working cooperatively with Montana Tribes that are in close proximity of the District when providing instruction, when implementing educational goals or adopting rules relating to the education of the students in the District;


·        Periodically reviewing its curriculum to ensure the inclusion of cultural heritage of Native Americans, which will include but not necessarily be limited to:


*            considering methods by which to provide books and materials which

                        reflect authentic historical and contemporary portrayals of Native Americans;


      *            taking into account individual and cultural diversity and differences among



·        Providing the necessary training to school personnel with the objective of gaining an understanding and awareness of Native American culture which will assist the District’s staff in its relations with Native American students and parents.


The board may require certified staff to satisfy the requirements for instruction in American Indian Students set forth in § 20-1-503, MCA.



Legal Reference:            Article X, Section 1 (2), Montana Constitution

§ 20-1-501, et. seq. MCA – Recognition of American Indian

            cultural heritage – legislative intent

10.55.603 ARM            Curriculum Development and Assessment

10.55.701 ARM            Board of Trustees

10.55.803 ARM            Learner Access


Policy History:

Adopted on:            04/10/01

Revised on: