Cut Bank School District 


INSTRUCTION                                                                                                                                             2151

Interscholastic Activities

The District recognizes the value of a program of interscholastic activities as an integral part of the total school experience.  The program of interscholastic activities will include all activities relating to competitive sport or intellectual contests, games or events, or exhibitions involving individual students or teams of students of this District, when such events occur between schools outside this District.

All facilities and equipment utilized in the interscholastic activity program, whether or not the property of the District, will be inspected on a regular basis.  Participants will be issued equipment which has been properly maintained and fitted.

An activity coach must be properly trained and qualified for an assignment as described in the coach’s job description.  A syllabus which outlines the skills, techniques, and safety measures associated with a coaching assignment will be distributed to each coach.  All personnel coaching intramural or interscholastic activities will hold a current valid first aid certificate.


The Board recognizes that certain risks are associated with participation in interscholastic activities.  While the District will strive to prevent injuries and accidents to students, each parent or guardian will be required to sign an “assumption of risk” statement indicating that the parents assume all risks for injuries resulting from such participation.  Each participant will be required to furnish evidence of physical fitness (physical form) prior to becoming a member of an athletic team sanctioned by the Montana High School Association (MHSA).  A participant will be free of injury and will have fully recovered from illness before participating in any event.

Coaches and/or trainers may not issue medicine of any type to students.  This provision does not preclude the coach and/or trainer from using approved first aid items.


Cross Reference:           3416      Administering Medicines to Students

Legal Reference:           10.55.707, ARM           Certification

                                          37.111.825, ARM         Health Supervision and Maintenance

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