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Enrollment and Attendance Records


Average Number Belonging


Average Number Belonging (ANB) is the enrollment measure used for the State Foundation Program calculations as defined in § 20-9-311, MCA.  The ANB of one year is based on the attendance records of the preceding year.  Funding for districts is based on ANB and must be accurate.


For a child to be counted for ANB purposes:


a)         The child must meet the definition of pupil as found in § 20-1-101(10), MCA;


Kindergarten:  Students enrolled in a program that provides one hundred eighty (180) hours or more of pupil instruction are counted for ANB purposes;


I.                    Grades 1-12:

II.                 Students enrolled less than one (1) hour per day are not counted for purposes of ANB;


I.                    Students enrolled between one (1) and two (2) hours per day are counted as part- time enrolled (one-half (˝) ANB);


I.                    Students enrolled for two (2) hours or more per day are counted as full-time enrolled (full ANB);


I.                    The child must not be dropped from enrollment for being absent for eleven (11) consecutive school days immediately prior to and including the official count date.


Homebound Students


Students who are receiving instructional services, who were in the education program and, due to medical reasons certified by a medical doctor, are unable to be present for pupil instruction, may be counted as enrolled for ANB purposes, if the student:


I.                    is enrolled and is currently receiving organized and supervised pupil instruction;


I.                    is in a home or facility which does not offer a regular educational program; and


I.                    has instructional costs during the absence, which are financed by the District’s general fund.


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If a homebound student does not meet the criteria set forth above, the District may request a variance through the Office of Public Instruction, for consideration of the student in the enrollment count for ANB purposes beyond the tenth (10th) day of absence.


Attendance Accounting:


Days present and absent for every student are to be recorded in each building, for the purpose of informing parents of a student’s attendance record.


On the first (1st) Monday in October and on February 1st (or the next school day if those dates do not fall on a school day), the number of all enrolled students (whether present or absent) by grade level and class will be recorded on the forms provided by the District.  Special education children who are enrolled in special programs sixteen (16) hours or more a week will be listed separately.  The Director of Special Education should be contacted to verify this count.  Monthly student counts of enrolled children by grade and classroom will be provided by the office.




Legal Reference:            10.20.102, ARM            Calculation of Average Number Belonging (ANB)


Procedure History:

Promulgated on:

Revised on: September 10, 2002