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Attendance Policy


In order to graduate from Cut Bank High School, a student must complete twenty-four (24) credits.  Completion of a course at Cut Bank High School will be defined as sixty percent (60%) mastery of the material and attendance to include not more than ten (10) absences per semester.  This attendance criterion is based on the theory that prompt and regular attendance in school is the beginning of dependability in adult business, personal, and social life.  Furthermore, regular attendance is important, because valuable skills and information gained in the classroom may or may not show up on tests or be reflected in an academic grade.  The general welfare of all students is best served by regular attendance.


A student will be allowed ten (10) absences per class, per semester.  Any absence beyond that number means a loss of 2% points per absence after ten (10).


The ONLY absences that WILL NOT be used in calculating the attendance record are:






Absences which will be counted in the ten-(10)-day limit will include such areas as:  family trips, work days, vacations, visiting friends or relatives, suspension in and out of school, watching tournaments when not an actual participant, hair or photography appointments, skiing, hunting, court appearances (unless subpoena), attending concerts, shopping, or any others not mentioned which are unacceptable.


After five (5) absences from school/class, a letter will be sent to the student’s home, indicating the school policy and the number of days missed.  Student will also meet with counselor.


After seven (7) absences, another letter will be sent, indicating the severity of the situation and explaining in detail the alternatives for non-compliance.  The student will meet with counselor, parent, and principal to make sure student is aware of policy.   After going over the tenth (10th) absence, the ten (10) day policy will come into effect for the rest of the current semester.


Ten-(10)-Day Policy


Students can accumulate ten (10) absences each semester.  This includes excused and unexcused, but does not include extracurricular absences.  When students miss more than ten (10) days in a semester, they will be penalized two (2) percentage points on their semester grade for each absence beyond the tenth (10th) day, if valid documentation excusing the absence is not provided.  The student has one (1) day after the absence to provide supporting documentation that the absence was due to medical, legal, bereavement, school activities, or other acceptable reasons as approved by the building administrator.  After the tenth (10th) absence, a note from parents is not sufficient.  Written notification from a medical person, legal staff, or other pertinent persons of authority, verifying the student’s reason for missing school, must be obtained by parent/student.  Upon return, an excused absence will be provided if this documentation is in hand, and no penalty will be incurred.  If the student does not have that documentation, an unexcused absence will be issued, and the student will have one (1) day to obtain the necessary paperwork.  When the office receives the proper documentation, the absence will be considered excused.  Failure to provide documentation within one (1) day will result in a permanent unexcused absence, and two (2) percentage points will be deducted on the semester grade for each day of the unexcused absence.  The ten (10) days are computed on a semester basis; the grades are computed quarterly.  Administration reserves the right to extend this policy, after parent consultation, in extenuating circumstances. 




Procedure History:

Promulgated on: 8/14/12

Reviewed on:    8/14/12

Revised on: