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Distribution and Posting of Materials


The distribution of materials from outside the school system uses a considerable amount of valuable educational time.  This time is taken away from students, teachers, and the clerical staff.  It is the District' policy to limit the distribution of materials to parent and student organizations sponsored by the District or other governmental agencies.  Materials which provide information valued or needed by the District may also be distributed.


All organizations must have the approval of the Superintendent before materials may be distributed.  The Superintendent will use the guidelines listed above in the approval of the distribution of the materials.


In order to facilitate the distribution of materials with information about student activities offered in the community, each school may do the following:


A.            Maintain a centrally located bulletin board for the posting of bulletins.


B.            Maintain a table where flyers and other information can be made available to students.


C.        Include announcements for student related activities in newsletters that go home to students.  The announcements must be submitted one week prior to the newsletter in which the announcement is to go home, must advertise a youth‑oriented activity, and must be of non‑religious or political nature.


It is the intent to post all notices and place flyers on the distribution table except those that are viewed by the principal as likely to be disruptive, libelous or obscene.




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