Cut Bank School District #15


STUDENTS                               3340


Extra- and Co-Curricular Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Use


The District views participation in extracurricular activities as a privilege extended to students willing to make a commitment to adhere to the rules which govern them.  The District believes that participation in organized activities can contribute to all-around development of young men and women and that implementation of these rules will serve these purposes:


Emphasize concern for the health and well-being of students while participating in activities;


Provide a chemical-free environment which will encourage healthy development;


Diminish chemical use by providing an education assistance program;


Promote a sense of self-discipline among students;


Confirm and support existing state laws which prohibit use of mood-altering chemicals;


Emphasize standards of conduct for those students who, through their participation, are leaders and role models for their peers and younger students; and


Assist students who desire to resist peer pressure that often directs them toward the use of chemicals.


Violations of established rules and regulations governing chemical use by participants in extra- and co-curricular activities will result in discipline as stated in student and athletic handbooks.




Legal Reference:           § 20-5-201, MCA         Duties and sanctions


Policy History:

Adopted on:  2-12-08

Revised on:   1-08-08