Cut Bank School District

Extracurricular Activities Drug Testing Program

The Cut Bank School District has a strong commitment to the health, safety, and welfare of its students. Results of studies throughout the United States indicate that education alone, as a preventive measure, is not effective in combating substance abuse. Our commitment to maintaining the extracurricular activities in the District as a safe and secure educational environment requires a clear policy and supportive programs relating to detection, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse by students involved in extracurricular activities.

1. Students participating in any extra-curricular activity represent the community, the school and their peers. When a participant uses illegal substances and/or alcohol, such use impinges upon the team’s motivation, cohesiveness and performance. As a result, the well being of the individual, the team, and the general school community is diminished by the participant’s use of illegal substances and/or alcohol.

2. As participation in any extra-curricular activity is a privilege, those students voluntarily subject themselves to a degree of regulation higher than that imposed on students generally. Students who voluntarily participate in school athletic activities and/or extra-curricular activities have reason to expect intrusions upon normal rights and privileges, including privacy.

3. The Cut Bank High School District will test student athletes and other participants in any
MHSA extra-curricular activity for illegal substance and/or alcohol use by administering urinalysis tests. This policy applies to all Cut Bank High School District students participating in any extra-curricular activity sponsored or sanctioned by the Montana High School Association (MHSA).


Drug: Any substance considered illegal or controlled by the Food and Drug Administration.

Student Participant: Any student participating in any extra-curricular activity under the control and jurisdiction of the Montana High School Association and/or Cut Bank High School.

Activity Season: Fall, winter and spring seasons begin on the first day of practice/participation allowed by the MHSA/Cut Bank High School, and end after the final competition for that activity and the student has returned to Cut Bank or having been released to their parent or guardian.

Pupil Instruction Days (PI Days) – Begins with the first official practice of fall sports and ends with the last pupil instruction or competition day of the year.

It is MANDATORY that each student who participates in extracurricular activities sign and return the Consent Form prior to participation in any extracurricular activity. Failure to comply will result in non-participation. Each extracurricular participant shall be provided with the Consent Form (3350F), which shall be dated and signed by the participant and by the parent/guardian. In so doing, the student is agreeing to participate in the random drug-testing program at Cut Bank High School.

Student participants who are drug tested under this policy will be given a reasonable opportunity to submit verification of legal drug use. At the time of testing, each student will be given written notice that he or she has seventy-two (72) hours to submit verification of any prescription drug use by providing a copy of the prescription to the building administration in a sealed envelope. The building administration will submit the sealed envelope, unopened, to the testing laboratory for consultation in making an analysis. The information regarding the use of prescription drugs is confidential and will not be shared with any school official. If the student fails to provide timely verification of legal drug use, and tests positive, he or she will be subject to retesting.

The following provisions apply to frequency of testing:

1. 10 % of the students involved in activities will be tested each month. This initial screening will occur anytime from the first day of practice to the day preceding the first contest/event. The following participants will make up the different pools for the specific seasons:

Fall: Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Speech and Drama, Cheerleading and all clubs in Cut Bank High School.

Winter: Wrestling, Boys and Girls Basketball, and Cheerleading

Spring: Track and Field, Golf, Tennis, Softball

2. Random testing may occur during an activity season. Up to fifteen (15) percent of all students participating, regardless of activity, club, or sport, may be tested on a periodic basis.

3. Once a student is in the pool, they will remain in the pool for the remainder of the academic year.

The samples will be tested for any or all of the following: THC, Cocaine, Benzodiazepines, Alcohol, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Morphine, Opiates, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene, and Tricyclic Antidepressants. The laboratory will be authorized to report test results to the superintendent or principal.

Training rules are available in the student handbook, and approved by the Board of Trustees annually.

Results of the Drug Testing
If a student tests positive to the drug test the following will occur:

1. Notify the parent or guardian

2. A due process hearing will be conducted with the principal, coach, parent and the student.

3. Once a student tests positive, another test will be administered right away if that is positive we will proceed with discipline measures. If a student tests positive once that student will be required to take the drug test at least once a month, for as long as the student participates in activities for that school year.

4. If a student refuses to take the drug test, all procedures will be followed as if the student tested positive on the test.

5. When a student tests positive: the student is suspended from participation in all athletic/activity programs and co-curricular activities for thirty (30) school days with recommended counseling from the date the infraction was acted upon by the coach/activity sponsor or administrator.

6. On the second infraction the student will be suspended from participation in all athletic activity and co-curricular programs for sixty (60) school days with required proof of counseling prior to reinstatement.

7. On the third infraction the student will be suspended from participation in all athletic activity and co-curricular programs for ninety (90) school days. The student is required to submit proof of counseling prior to reinstatement.

8. On the fourth infraction the student will be suspended from participation in all athletic activities and co-curricular programs for one-hundred-and eighty (180) school days. The student is required to submit proof of counseling prior to reinstatement.

The superintendent or designee will implement and oversee appropriate procedures for the consistent implementation of the testing procedure. A Third Party Administrator will be contracted to conduct, screen and verify the results.

1. The results of the tests will be disclosed only to the student and parent/guardian, and those school personnel who have a need to know.

2. The test results will be kept for only the duration of the student’s high school career. They will not be placed in the student’s academic folder.

3. The school district will pay any cost associated with the gathering of random samples and testing by an independent laboratory, as well as all administrative fees necessary to implement this policy.

Detection of illegal substances or alcohol obtained pursuant to this policy will not be used as a basis to discipline a student or penalize him or her academically. Such detection will not be made a part of a student’s permanent record. Information regarding the results of the drug tests will not be disclosed to criminal or juvenile authorities absent legal compulsion by valid and binding subpoena and other legal process, which the school district will not solicit.



Adopted: November 11, 2014