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Emergency Treatment

The Board recognizes that schools are responsible for providing first aid or emergency treatment to a student in case of sudden illness or injury; however, further medical attention is the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

The District requires that every parent or guardian provide a telephone number where a parent or designee of a parent may be reached in case of an emergency.

When a student is injured, staff will provide immediate care and attention until relieved by a superior, a nurse, or a doctor. The District will employ its normal procedures to address medical emergencies without regard to the existence of a do not resuscitate (DNR) request. A principal or designated staff member will call a parent or parental designee so that the parent may arrange for care or treatment of an injured student.

When a student develops symptoms of illness while at school, a responsible school official will do the following:

Isolate the student from other children to a room or area segregated for that purpose;

Inform a parent or guardian as soon as possible about the illness and request the parent or guardian to pick up the child; and

Report each case of suspected communicable disease the same day by telephone to a local health authority or as soon as possible thereafter if a health authority cannot be reached the same day.

When a parent or guardian cannot be reached, and it is the judgment of a principal or other person in charge that immediate medical attention is required, an injured student may be taken directly to a hospital. Once located, a parent or a guardian is responsible for continuing treatment or for making other arrangements.


Legal Reference: ARM 37.111.825 Health Supervision and Maintenance

Policy History:
Adopted on: April 8, 2014
Reviewed on: March 11, 2014
Revised on: