Cut Bank School District #15




Transfer of Student Records


A certified copy of the permanent and/or cumulative file of any student and the file containing special education records of any student shall be forwarded by mail or electronically to a local educational agency or accredited school in which the student seeks to or intends to enroll, within five (5) working days after receipt of a written or electronic request. The files that are forwarded must include education records in the permanent file [i.e., name and address of the student, name of parent/legal guardian, date of birth, academic work completed, level of achievement (grades, standardized tests) and immunization records*], special education records**, and any disciplinary actions taken against the student that are educationally related.


If the records cannot be transferred within five (5) days, the District shall notify the requestor, in writing or electronically, providing the reasons why the District is unable to comply with the five-(5)-day time frame. The District shall also include in that notice the date by which the requested records will be transferred. A request for the transfer of records shall not be refused because the student owes fines or fees.


NOTES: * The original immunization record must be forwarded to the requesting district within thirty (30) days after a transferring pupil ceases attending the District.


** Based upon the position and advice of the Office of Public Instruction, Districts are to send the original special education file and not maintain a copy, in order to preserve confidentiality of the records.




Cross Reference: 3413 Student Immunization

3600 - 3600P Student Records

3606F Records Certification


Legal Reference: 20-1-213, MCA Transfer of school records


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Revised on: September 10, 2002