Cut Bank School District


STUDENTS                                                   3608


Receipt of Confidential Records   


The District is eligible to receive the case records of the department of public health and human services and its local affiliate, the county welfare department, the county attorney, and the court concerning actions taken and all records concerning reports of child abuse and neglect.  These records shall not be included in the student’s permanent file and shall be kept confidential as required by law.


The following individuals are authorized by the Trustees to receive information with respect to a student of the District who is a client of the department:


1.              Prinicpal


2.              Counselor



When the District receives information pursuant to law, it is the responsibility of the authorized individual to prevent the unauthorized dissemination of that information.




Cross Reference:     3600 ‑ 3600P     Student Records


Legal Reference:      § 41-3-205, MCA     Confidentiality - disclosure exceptions


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