Cut Bank School District


COMMUNITY RELATIONS             4313


Disruption of School Operations


If any person disrupts or obstructs any school program, activity, or meeting, or threatens to do so, or commits, threatens to imminently commit or incites another to commit any act that will disturb or interfere with or obstruct any lawful task, function, process or procedure, of any student, official, employee or invitee of the District, the staff member in charge shall immediately notify the local law enforcement authorities of the incident.


The staff member in charge shall make a written report detailing the incident not later than twenty-four (24) hours from when the incident occurred.  A copy of the report shall be given to the staff member’s immediate supervisor.




Cross Reference:            4301            Visitors to the Schools


Legal Reference:            § 20‑1‑206, MCA            Disturbance of school ‑ penalty

§ 45‑8‑101, MCA            Disorderly conduct

§ 20‑5‑201, MCA            Duties of pupils ‑ sanctions


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