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COMMUNITY RELATIONS                                                                                                4330P

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Rules and Regulations for Building Use



                                                  (Example)          Gym                    $100 + custodian


Fees (will) (may) be waived for private nonprofit groups that do not charge admission fees.  Religious groups or organizations will be charged rental fees as listed above.










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pay for the employee expense (i.e., custodians, overtime).





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User agrees to pay to School, as rent for the premises and as payment for special services (if any) provided by School, the sums as set forth, in the amount of $_______________, and this shall be due _____ days in advance.User shall be responsible for all actual damages, including costs, disbursements, and expenses, resulting while it has use of the premises.



Obligation of Lessee


1.              User shall maintain the premises clean and free from debris at all times.


2.              User shall repair and pay for all damages to the premises caused by its employees, patrons, agents, members of its operation on the premises.


3.              User shall permit School and its agents free access to enter into and upon the premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting same and to make any necessary improvements.


4.              User acknowledges that it has received a list of additional obligations, and it hereby consents to those obligations and agrees to adhere to and follow the same, and they are hereby made a part of this agreement.


5.              User shall comply with all city, county, and state ordinances, regulations, and statutes that are applicable to Userís use of the premises.


6.              User shall at all times cooperate with the School Districtís personnel.



Insurance and Indemnification


User shall indemnify and hold harmless the School and its agents and employees for and from any and all loss, including attorneysí fees, damages, expenses, and liability arising out of its use of School property.User also agrees to pay any damages to School facilities, furniture, or equipment arising out of its use of School property, whether such damage was accidental or deliberate.The cost of damages will be based on the repair or replacement cost, the choice of which is the Boardís discretion.Further, User agrees to supply proof of insurance, verifying that the group maintains adequate insurance coverage against personal injury and/or property loss.



Lessee Not To Discriminate


User agrees that neither it, its employees or agents, will refuse, withhold from, or deny any of its services, goods, facilities, advantages, or privileges because of sex, race, age, physical or mental handicap, creed, political ideas, marital status, religion, color, or national origin, and that it will not publish, circulate, issue, display, post, or mail a written or printed communication, notice, or advertisement which states or implies that any of the services, goods, facilities, advantages, or privileges offered by it while in School facilities will be refused, withheld from, or denied to a person because of sex, race, age, physical or mental handicap, creed, political ideas, marital status, religion, color, or national origin.


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Additional Obligations