__________School District


Organization or Individual Requesting Facility Use:  __________________________________________

Facility Requested:  ____________________________________________________________________

Date and Hours of Requested Use:  ________________________________________________________

Purpose of Use:  _______________________________________________________________________


Premises and Conditions

Conditions of Facilities Use - Use of District facilities is conditioned upon the following covenants:

1.           That no alcoholic beverages, tobacco, nicotine products, or other drugs are sold or consumed on the premises by the requesting organization or individual or any of its employees, patrons, agents, or members.

2.           That no illegal games of chance or lotteries will be permitted.

3.           That no functional alteration of the premises or functional changes in the use of such premises shall be made without specific written consent of the District.

4.           That adequate supervision is provided by the requesting organization or individual to ensure proper care and use of District facilities.


Rent and Deposit

              The requesting organization or individual agrees to pay the District, as rent for the premises and as payment for special services (if any) provided by the District, the sum of $______________________, and this shall be due ______________ days in advance. The requesting organization or individual shall be responsible for the actual cost of repair or replacement, including costs, disbursements, and expenses, resulting while it has use of the premises.


Insurance and Indemnification

              The requesting organization or individual, by signature below, hereby guarantees that the organization shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the District and any of its employees or agents, from any liability, expenses, costs (including attorney’s fees), damages, and/or losses arising out of injury or death to any person or persons or damage to any property of any kind in connection with the organization or individual’s use of the District facility, which are not the result of fraud, willful injury to a person or property, or willful or negligent violation of a law.

              The requesting organization or individual shall provide the District with a certificate of insurance prior to the use of the facility. The certificate shall show coverage for comprehensive general liability insurance in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for injuries to or death of any person or damage to or loss of property arising out of or in any way resulting from the described use of the facility.



              The requesting organization or individual agrees to abide by non-discrimination clauses as contained in the Montana Human Rights Act and the Governmental Code of Fair Practices.


District’s Rights

              The District reserves the right to cancel this Agreement, when it is determined by the District that the facilities are needed for school purposes.


              DATED this _____ day of _______________, 20__.


__________School District:                                               Requesting Organization or Individual:


By ____________________________________                       By ____________________________________

                                                                                                  Address ________________________________

                                                                                                  Phone  _________________________________

Additional Obligations __________________________________________________________________