Cut Bank School District


COMMUNITY RELATIONS ††††††††††† 4411


Investigations and Arrests by Police


All contact between the school and the police department on matters involving students shall be made through the administrative office.The police have ample opportunity to talk to a student away from the school and before or after school hours.They should be encouraged to do so.Law enforcement authorities should only be allowed to conduct an interview in the school if they can show that special circumstances exist or if the interview is at the request of the school.This determination should be made by the principal or Superintendent.


A.††††††† If the police have a warrant for the studentís arrest, they must be permitted to arrest the student; however, whenever possible, the arrest should be conducted in the principalís office out of view of other students.Before removing a student from school, the police shall sign a release form in which they assume full responsibility for the student.


B.†††††††† Law enforcement personnel should not be allowed to roam about the school until the student is found.They should remain in the administration office while school personnel seek out the student.


C.††††††† If possible, the educational program of the student should not be disrupted to allow for police questioning.


D.††††††† Any questioning by police should be conducted in a private room or area where confidentiality can be maintained.


E.†††††††† If law enforcement officials are to be allowed to question a student under the age of eighteen (18), a reasonable attempt shall be made to notify the parents, except in cases of suspected child abuse or child neglect involving the parent.The parents should be given the opportunity to come to the school prior to the questioning.


F.†††††††† If the parents are notified and able to attend, they should be allowed to be present at the interview.The administrator should be present at the interview, but should not take part in any questioning.The administrator should at all times remain a neutral observer.




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