Cut Bank School District #15


COMMUNITY RELATIONS             4520


Cooperative Programs with Other Districts and Public Agencies


Whenever it appears to the economic, administrative, and educational advantage of the District to participate in cooperative programs with other units of local government, the Superintendent shall prepare and present for the Board’s consideration an analysis of each cooperative proposal.


When formal cooperative agreements are developed, such agreements shall comply with the requirements of the Interlocal Cooperation Act, with assurances that all parties to the agreement have the legal authority to engage in the activities contemplated by the agreement.


The District may enter into interlocal agreements with a unit of the Montana University System, public community college, and/or tribal college, that would allow enrolled 11th- and 12th-grade students to attend and earn credit for classes not available through the District.  Tuition and fees, if assessed, will be provided for in the interlocal agreement.


The District may enter into an interlocal agreement providing for the sharing of teachers, specialists, superintendents, or other professional persons licensed under Title 37, MCA.  If the District shares a teacher or specialist with another district(s), the District’s share of such teacher’s or specialist’s compensation will be based on the total number of instructional hours expended by the teacher or the specialist in the District.




Legal Reference:            §§ 7-11-101, et seq., MCA                        Interlocal Cooperation Act

                                    §§ 20-7-451 through 456, MCA            Authorization to create full service education cooperatives

                                    §§ 20-7-801, et seq., MCA                        Public recreation


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Revised on: November 12, 2002