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Work Day


Length of Work Day - Certified


All conditions pertaining to the certified work day, preparation periods, lunches, etc., are found in the current collective bargaining agreement.  Arrival time shall generally be as directed by the principal or as stipulated in the agreement.


Length of Work Day - Classified


The length of a classified work day is governed by the number of hours for which the employee is assigned.  A “full-time” employee shall be considered to be an eight-(8)-hour per day/forty (40)-hour per week employee.  The work day is exclusive of lunch but inclusive of breaks unless otherwise and specifically provided for by the individual contract.  The schedule will be established by the supervisor.  Normal office hours in the district will be 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




A daily morning and afternoon rest period of fifteen (15) minutes may be available to all full-time, classified employees.  Hourly personnel may take one (1) fifteen-(15)-minute rest period for each four (4) hours that are worked in a day.  Breaks will normally be taken approximately in mid-morning and mid-afternoon and should be scheduled in accordance with the flow of work and with the approval of the employee’s supervisor.




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