Cut Bank School District #15


PERSONNEL            5223


Personal Conduct


Employees are expected to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality in the conduct of District business.


In accordance with state law, an employee should not dispense or utilize any information gained from employment with the District, accept gifts or benefits, or participate in business enterprises or employment which create a conflict of interest with the faithful and impartial discharge of the employee’s District duties.  A District employee may, prior to acting in a manner which may impinge on any fiduciary duty, disclose the nature of the private interest which creates a conflict.  Care should be taken to avoid using, or avoid the appearance of using, official positions and confidential information for personal advantage or gain.


Further, employees should hold confidential all information deemed to be not for public consumption as determined by state law and Board policy.  Employees shall also respect the confidentiality of people served in the course of the employee’s duties and use information gained in a responsible manner.  Any employee who discloses confidential and/or private information learned during the course of the employee’s duties or learned as a result of participating in a closed (executive) session of the Board, may be subject to discipline up to and including discharge.  Discretion should be employed even within the school system’s own network of communication.


Administrators and supervisors may set forth specific rules and regulations governing an employee’s conduct on the job within a particular building.




Legal Reference:            § 20-1-201, MCA            School officers not to act as agents


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Revised on: November 12, 2002